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About Us

What is DizyLocal India to Visitors?

DizyLocal India is a Indian local search engine where visitors can search for the business and get connected by various ways for their businesses. DizyLocal India is designed and developed to help people of India to find local businesses in their cities and their neighbourhoods. Our simplicity design will make easier for consumers to navigate within the website and find the right products and get benefited.

What is DizyLocal India to Business Owners?

DizyLocal India is a place where business owners can post their business profile with many optional fields (Phone number, email, website link, operating hours, payments accepted, images, videos, tags and many more). So our website provide fully featured business profile for all the business that are being submitted. All the business profiles are indexed by search engines and this will help their business to improve their search engine presence.

What make DizyLocal India different than other local business directories?

Search Result: Search results are listed based on the customised algorithm defined by DizyLocal India and the location so as to provide accurate result what a visitor is searching for.

Ratings and reviews: This will let users to know about their business, approach, customer satisfaction, delivery, perfection, commitment and so on. Based on the reviews and ratings you will able select the right business owners for your needs.

Sources: Business information to DizyLocal India not only comes from business owners, but also from various other sources including third party content suppliers. Such information can be claimed by the business owners and then they can modify accordingly.

All these features gives a rich look touch to DizyLocal India and makes an easiest and enjoyable experience for customers.

What's next on DizyLocal India?

We are happy to receive feedback from the DizyLocal India users and based on the feedback received we constantly improve our website. Apart from this we have a separate team for research and implementation. This team will constantly work on identifying new features which can be added to our website. All the new features added are constantly monitored and refined based on the user experience.

Keep checking our website and get going on!

Improve Your Business Profile

You have got lot of opportunities to improve your business profile and attract customers. Here are few tips which you can follow and follow the same,

1. Add short description
2. Add long description (Be found in search results)
3. Logo (To Increase brand value)
4. Tags (Other business names, categories, products)
5. Operating hours (Your trading hours of operation)
6. Payments accepted
7. Creatives (Products, Office locations, Team members and Directors)

Search Tips and Tricks

To get the best result for you search query, we include auto suggest option and this will be shown when you enter a few characters in the search fields. This will help to get you desired business or businesses matched for service type or product at your nearest location. DizyLocal.in will suggest for the below inputs given,

For the field 1,

1. Enter the business name
2. Category
3. Service type/name
4. Product type/name
and for the field 2, DizyLocal.in will suggest,

1. City
2. Area/Location

Click here to read the full features of search tips.