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Cogs Associates renders the following engineering & certification services under one roof as per clients requirement. 1. Chartered Engineer Certification:As an Independent Chartered Engineer by THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA), we are authorized for issuing certificates required by Customs, Banks and Financial Institutions for the following aspects.EPCG LicenseInstallation CertificateCE Certification for CDM ProjectImport into  SEZImport of Second Hand Plant &  Machinery per  ContainerAdvance LicenseExport of Defective Parts for Repair & ReturnPre-Shipment InspectionCertification of DBK 1 StatementCertification of Investment for 100% EOUComputation of Installed CapacityCertification of Imported/  Indigenous Machinery   for Setting up  Solar Power Project and  Bio  Mass  ProjectBIS CertificationCold Chain Subsidy CertificationFood Testing Labs.  Civil & Equipment CertificationMOFPI scheme of setting up/up-gradation of quality control LabsCertification of  BOM of Solar Power DeveloperCertification of Each PO of Solar Power DeveloperTool Life CertificateSale of Material Imported for SEZRepair/Renovation Estimation CertificateCertification for MOEF for e-wasteCertification for Supply of Good/Works/ Services for  Bidding PurposeAttestation of Documents/Credentials for Bidding Purpose  as required by GAILCertification of Construction Cost and Cost of Plant & Equipment for MEGA FOOD PARKS SCHEME (MOFPS)Utilization CertificateCertification for Textile Park, Software ParkCertification of Construction Cost and Cost of Plant & Equipment for HACCP/ISO 22000/ISO 9000/GHP/GMP/QSMS SCHEME (MOFPI)2. Valuation by Approved Valuers:We have a dedicated team of professionals with various technical backgrounds approved by THE INSTITUTION OF VALUERS (IOV) for handling valuation of Plant & machinery and immovable assets. We provide valuation services to estimate true worth of assets for individuals/Financial Institutions and Banks.  Valuation Report may be required for the following purposes.Valuation for Loan and MortgageValuation for Company Accounts and Financial StatementValuation for Receivership/InsolvencyValuation for Merger, Acquisition and TakeoverInsurance ValuationMarket Value of Plant & MachineryForming Part of the Continuing BusinessTo remain in-situValuation for Removal from PremisesValuation for Visa PurposeValuation for Repair/Renovation EstimationProperty Valuation for Capital GainScrap Valuation3. Insurance Survey & Loss Assessment:We have IRDA licensed surveyors to carry out professional work of Survey & Loss Assessment of General Insurance Industry claims in the field of Fire, Marine Cargo and Engineering by experienced surveyors and loss assessors.4. Competent Person Certification:Cogs Associates has been authorised by Chief Inspector of Factories & Boilers, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur under certificate of competency no: 209/PA/DYCIF&B/2014 dated 15.09.2014  as "Competent Person" under following sections of the Factories Act in the state of Rajasthan for inspection and testing of equipments by competent person.Section 21 (2) - Dangerous machines Section 28 - Lifts and Hoists Section 29 - Lifting Machinery and Lifting Tackle 5. Other Services:We also provide following services by energetic team of experienced professionals to meet the requirement of our clients.Energy AuditHousekeeping Consultant/AuditArbitration ServiceProject AppraisalLife Cycle AnalysisThird Party InspectionRisk Analysis & ManagementQuantity SurveyEfficiency Certification of EquipmentsRemaining Life Assessment of Equipments (RLA)Load TestingEnvironment Impact AssessmentLiasoning with Government DepartmentsStock AuditPre Shipment InspectionFraud InvestigationTUV Study

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