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MedGurus.ORG is a revolutionary concept in Indian Healthcare. With MedGurus, patients (or friends, relatives etc) are able to find just the top super-specialties for major treatments such as Cancer, heart diseases, Transplants, Replacement Surgeries, Infertility etc.

The fundamental difference between www.MedGurus.ORG and most other healthcare portals available out there is that, MedGurus hasn’t listed hundreds of hospitals, clinics and doctors just for namesake. Instead, with MedGurus, the patient gets recommended list of hospitals in major cities, many of which have been assessed and evaluated at multiple levels by the research team of MedGurus through secondary & primary research. Thus, if you need guidance on ‘best cancer hospitals in India’, almost all health portals will just throw out some sponsored hospital names for you, thus confusing even more probably. However, for the same query, MedGurus will provide you an article that would explain all facets of Cancer & its treatment and then would list out the recommend best hospitals in India, and for all metros in India.

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