Frequently asked questions

Your Account

How can I join DizyLocal.com?


You can sign up with signup form and it takes less than a minute. Once the account is created you can start write reviews or rate a business or submit a business with “Add a Business” form for free.

How can I write a review?


You can start writing reviews once you have signed up with DizyLocal.com for any business found here.

How to retrieve my forgotten password?


You can retrieve your forgotten password with forget password form. You need to enter your email id which you have signed up with DizyLocal.com and click submit button. We will then send you a link to reset your password.

Can i change my profile name, profile picture, email address and password?


Yes! you can change all your personal details through “Profile Settings” page found within your account dashboard.Once a new email is updated, we will then send an email with verification link to new email address and an update email to old email address about this change.

How my personal information is used with DizyLocal.com?


As per our privacy policy we will not give, sell, trade or share any of your personal information to any third parties. Read our privacy policy to know more.

How to report an error found on DizyLocal.com?


You can report through contact us form for any of the errors found on our website.

Ratings and Reviews

Why does DizyLocal.com let people to rate and review businesses?


Website visitors/consumers would like to know what people think about a business. So DizyLocal India allow people to add their own review and rating to the business. These reviews and ratings will help consumers to find the right business. In the same way business owners can respond to the reviews they receive.

Will business owners receive alerts when a review is published?


Yes. You will receive email alerts whenever a new review about your business is posted as well as the same has been published. This lets business owners to check the business profile page and can respond the review.

Are the reviews posted to businesses in DizyLocal.com are moderated?


Yes, all the reviews posted to businesses are moderated before they are being published. This check is to avoid spam/duplicate reviews. This lets businesses to keep updated/fresh content each and every time a review is published.

How to handle negative reviews for businesses?


It’s highly impossible to satisfy all customers all the time. In these cases your businesses may receive negative reviews. Here are few tips to handle if your business receive negative review:

  • You should encourage other customers to post good reviews. Lots of good reviews will make the negative review outweigh.
  • Most recent reviews are published/posted in top of the business profile page. So this lets all old reviews pushed to bottom of the page. So in this case if a negative is very old, then this will be pushed to bottom of the page and makes outweigh.
  • You can respond by adding comment to the negative review, explaining your side story.

How to report a review which is inappropriate?


Yes. You can report a review as inappropriate by submitting a your query through customer support form present within your profile page.

Business Owners

How submit my business on DizyLocal.com?


It’s quick and easy to list your business here for free.Your business will appear on the site immediately as and when it is submitted immediately with DizyLocal.com. But all the listing submitted will be manually reviewed (1-2 business days) by our quality management team to approve/reject if the listing does not satisfy DizyLocal.com’s submission guidelines.

What are the business listing rules/guidelines?


In Order to maintain the quality of the business submitted to DizyLocal.com, we do follow few rules/guidelines for manually verifying all the business submitted to our local business directory. See below for all rules,

  • The business name entered should be your registered name, trade name or domain name of your business website. It needs to be in title case (each word starts with a capital and the rest of the word is lowercase) for easy readability and should not have extra descriptions/keywords.
  • Every listing requires a business name, physical address and a phone number. An email address is advisable if you have one to get enquiries from customers.
  • If you would like to list your business in additional location/area, then contact us through the contact support form present within your account dashboard.

How long the listing will be under review on DizyLocal.com?


All the business listings submitted will be manually reviewed based on the first come first serve basis. Usually it will take 1-2 business days for a business be manually reviewed based on the amount the submissions pending in the queue. To get listed on DizyLocal.com it takes about 5 minutes depending on the details that you provide for your business in the business submit form.

Can my business be listed under multiple categories?


Yes! You can choose max of 3 categories for your free business listing.

Can I submit more than 1 business with my account?


Yes! You can add unlimited number of businesses with your account, but all the listings will be manually reviewed by DizyLocal.com team. Once the registration process gets completed simply click the "Add a Business" link in your account dashboard.

How do I manage my business listing?


To add and update information on your listing, login to your account, choose your business and click on “Edit” option. All the changes made to your business will be manually reviewed to get approved/rejected based on our submission guidelines.

How can i manage a listing that is already on DizyLocal.com?


If your business is already on DizyLocal.com but you don’t have access to the same, kindly contact us through our contact form with the details explaining that your are authorized person to update the business. We will then manually review and approve/reject your climb made to the business. Once climb is approved the climbed business will appear within your account.

How can i correct a business with inaccurate details?


If the business is not your’s then you can request for correction through “Report listing” form present in the business profile page. Fill in the form and get noticed to us to get this change approved.

How can i let DizyLocal.com know that my business is closed or changed management?


Please let us know through the report listing form present in each business profile page with your comments. We will then take necessary actions.

How can i let DizyLocal.com know about duplicate listing?


Please let us know through the report listing form present in each business profile page with your comments. We will then review and remove as soon as possible.