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Chennai is a well-developed 6 th Indian city with Municipal Corporation, hospitals, schools, colleges, IT industries and many more things. This city is well known for acupuncture treatments, which are provided at various hospitals in Chennai. Acupuncture in Chennai is regarded as one of the best methods of health care with no side effects at all. 

Because of exceptional quality of treatment of acupuncture in Chennai, this city is often frequented by numerous people for availing this treatment. In this city, acupuncture therapy intends to promote pain free and healthy lifestyles. Acupuncture specialists use needles for therapeutic purposes. Although this therapy appears strange to most of the people, it is becoming increasing popular over the years.  This therapy depends on the flow of energy through pathways, called as meridians. This form of therapy provides relief from different disorders and ailments. It is very advantageous and improves the physical health of an individual. Some of the diseases which are cured by this therapy are sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma. This therapy can also be used to retard the aging process and reduce stress. 

Some of the popular acupuncture hospitals, which are located in Chennai, are Indian Holistic Medical AcademyGold Mound Accupuncture ClinicUniversal Acupuncture & Alternative Clinic and Saravanan Acupunture Clinic. At these hospitals, one will get holistic method of healing while undergoing treatment. The staffs of these hospitals are very helpful and cooperative. These hospitals provide all the facilities, which are required for acupuncture treatment. If you are novice to Chennai, then you might feel uncomfortable in locating these acupuncture hospitals. In this situation, you must seek the help of local business directory India. For this, Dizylocal India will solve your purpose. As a result, you will be able to locate these hospitals with proper address. 

Prior to availing acupuncture treatment, you must have a glance at the checklist of acupuncture clinic in order to ensure the following things: 

  • Cost of the treatment
  • Facilities provided
  • Doctors involved in treatment

Some of the advantages of acupuncture clinics are as follows: 

  • Complete safety
  • Holistic method of healing while undergoing treatment
  • Treatment provided by competent doctors
  • Genuine treatment cost

Acupuncture in Chennai

Chennai Jayanth Acupuncture Clinic

We are specialised in providing IVF support acupuncture,migraine headaches,sciatica,asthma,backpain,arthritis treatments

Indian Holistic Medical Academy
Acupuncture Free Camp
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Dr Sudharsan R
Gold Mound Accupuncture Clinic
Dr Arun Prasad
Dr Ganesh K S
Universal Acupuncture & Alternative Clinic
Dr Ravikumar S
Traditional Health Centre
Saravanan Acupunture Clinic
Acu Care Clinic
Rathi Clinic
Dr Lakshmi Sree Acupuncture Clinic
S.s.r. Acupunture Cure Centre
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Omsai Acu Clinic
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