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Any individual in Bangalore who is looking for an easy and effective method to be used as a substitute to a general chiropractic treatment must definitely consider giving Atlas Orthogonal Therapy in Bangalore a try. Since Atlas Orthogonal treatment is in its primitive stage as far as its use and practice is concerned, the same can be performed at only two clinics in Bangalore namely Chandana Orthoicand Physiotherapy Centre in Basavanagudi and Raju Clinic in Wilson Garden. You can get both the address as well as contact details of the aforementioned two clinics at the business listing directory, Dizylocal.

Getting to know the Atlas Orthogonal Therapy:

  • Atlas Orthogonal Therapy is a technique that revolves around adjusting the top bone of one’s neck, which is better known as the Atlas Vertebrae in such a position that it is correctly aligned with the individual’s skull and spine. 
  • This therapy makes use of the Atlas Orthogonal instrument that comes complete with a metal stylus, which delivers a mechanical impulse by making use of the pressure controlled actuator. 
  • Any Atlas Orthogonist would make use of this therapy to reduce neck compression in the patient’s neck. 
  • Atlas Orthogonal Treatment is performed on individuals who wish to be relieved from any form of structural and mental imbalance that they have been facing. 
  • Most of the patients look forward to the Atlas Orthogonal Therapy as it is considered to be much more pain free than the traditional practices that have been in use till now. One main reason behind the same is that this therapy makes use of absolute light force to achieve its goals.  
  • One highlight feature associated with the Atlas Orthogonal treatment is the fact that it realigns bones that have moved away from their original position and rightly places your head in the centre of your neck. The distinct part here is that all this is done without forcing your doctor to make any form of spinal manipulations. 

If you have been suffering from pain in areas such as your shoulders, arms or even your lower back for that matter, you should avoid turning a blind eye to the same. The real cause of your problem could be the cervical spine. If an X-Ray leads to the above problem, then you should definitely go ahead with the Atlas Orthogonal therapy.

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