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Beauty Training Institutes

LTA School of Beauty

LTA School of beauty equips students with advance cosmetology skills by combining the fundamentals of body science with advance beauty education.

Alps Beauty Academy

Alps Academy provides scientific learning with aesthetic approach.

Crystal Beauty Salon & Institute
Perfect Parlour
Sonali Beauty Parlour
Dianas Beauty Clinic
Gorgeous Beauty Parlour
Wel Come Beauty Parlour
Crystal Beauty Saloon & Training Institute
Florence Beauty Parlour
Sanskrutas Beauty Clinic
Neelams Beauty Parlour & Training Institute
Saundaryavishwa Beauty Parlour & Research Training Institute
Saundarya Vishwa Beauty Parlour
Butic College Of Beauty
Perfect Face Beauty Parlour
Marvelous Beauty Parlour And Institute
Fillit Institute Of Beauty Management
Pearl Herbal Beauty Parlour
Mask Beauty Parlour & Training Centre