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As an individual based in Bangalore who is suffering from some form of illness, to which he or she has failed to find a sure shot medication should consider paying a quick visit to one of the many Chinese herbalists in Bangalore. Dizylocal will help you locate Chinese Herbal Centers in central areas of Bangalore including the likes of RajajinagarMahadevapuraGirinagarNayandahalli and Basavanagudi.

Peek-a-boo into Chinese Herbal Medicine:

  • Chinese Medicine is a tiny part of the full fledged Traditional Chinese Medicine System, which is better known as TCM.
  • Chinese Herbal Clinics are known to work extensively in two areas, namely, gynecology and gastrointestinal dilemmas.
  • This form of medicine lays heavy belief on the philosophy of human body being comprised of five elements including, fire, earth, metal, water and wood. 
  • Furthermore, the above ideology has led to Chinese Medicine treating the human organs by making use of the five tastes namely, sweet, salty, bitter, sour and pungent. 
  • Chinese herbal medicines are known to rely heavily on plant based products. However, of late, even animal products and minerals are seen making an entry in these medicine components at large.
  • In the market, these herbal medicines are being made available in various forms such as lotions, tablets, powders as well as pastes.
  • Chinese Herbalists are seen advocating dietary changes as and when you decide to follow the Chinese medicine course. This is because this form of medicine is known to see food as either the sign of heat or cold in one’s body.
  • Chinese herbal medicine is known to play a pivotal role in balancing the energy levels in the patient’s body. 
  • It is essential for you to get in touch with a professional traditional Chinese medicine practitioner before kick starting an intake of these medicines. This is because same amount of caution needs to be observed while consuming these medicines, like one observes in case of other pharmaceutical drugs.

In Bangalore, you can get in touch with Chinese Herbalists based at centers such as Malnad Bio TechnologiesCrystal Herbal IndustriesSrushti Herbal Pharma and Pradhan Herbal Co, Chinese Acupuncture Multiple Therapy Hospital, Ayur Arogya Research Labs, Himalaya Store and Ayush Therapy centre.

Chinese Herbalists in Bangalore

Malnad Bio Technologies
Accelerated Freezed Drying Co
Family Health Care Centre
Crystal Herbal Industries
Olive Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Avision Foods Pvt Ltd
Sri Manjunatha Traders
B R Aralappa And Company
Sa Rawther Spices Pvt Ltd
Vedic Bio Labs Pvt Ltv
Satvik Speciality Foods Pvt Ltd
Srushti Herbal Pharma
Astara Exports & Imports
Kerala Ayurveda
Pradhan Herbal Co
Herbal Life Independent Distributor
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
Kuber Botanicals
Shah & Co
Bright Stat Trading Co

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