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Chaitanya Dental Clinic

By nature of their general training they can carry out the majority of dental treatments such as restorative (fillings, crowns,bridges), prosthetic (dentures), endodontic (root canal) therapy, periodontal (gum) therapy, and extraction of teeth, as well as performing examinations, radiographs (x-rays) and diagnosis. Dentists can also prescribe medications such as antibiotics,sedatives, and any other drugs used in patient management.

Ravindra N Mulay Dr
Sujata D Kadam Dr
Saniya Dental Clinic
Frog Developers Pvt Ltd
Creative Dental Clinic & Implant Centre
Dr S N Kaul Clinic
Chivte Pankaj Dr
Maniya A Motiwalla Dr
Patel Hitesh Manubhai Dr
Ajit Kadam Clinic
Family Dental Clinic
Ingale Dental Care
Dr Kotharis Multi Speciality Dental Clinic
Dental & Oral Surgeon
Ex Resident Oral & Dental Surgeon
Varun Bhim Sain Dr
Jatinder Arora
Dental Care Centre
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