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As a resident of Bangalore who is desirous of treating his or her physical or mental ill being by making use of a distinctive curative therapy, should not think twice before giving Gem Therapy in Bangalore a try. Dizylocal will help you locate gem treatment centers in and around Bangalore, sitting in the comfort of your own house. Moreover, Gem therapy being an upcoming theory of healing, there are only two hubs catering to this field in Bangalore, namely, Lkkashema and Shivaraman Lapidaries situated in Seshadripuram

What is Crystal Healing?

  • Crystal Healing forms a vital part of gem therapy, which deals with making use of stones and crystals in order to initiate the healing process in individuals.
  • There is no scientific back up for this particular medicine technique, in spite of which it has been put to us by various cultures across the globe for many years now.
  • As far as the Crystal Treatment is concerned, its practitioners make use of various crystals that are placed either on different parts of the body of an individual or all around the body corresponding to the “Chakras” in order to form an energy grid, which in the end sets the healing process into motion.

What is Pranic Healing?

  • Yet another dimension to the concept of Gem therapy is nothing, but Pranic Healing, the idea of which is to exploit the “Prana”, better known as life so as to balance energy levels in one’s body and harmonize the overall functions. 
  • One distinct feature associated with Pranic treatment is the fact that it does not make use of any form of physical contact, healing gadgets or instruments or even any drugs for that matter. In this form of healing, the therapist works directly with the bioplasmic or the energy body in order to improve one’s state of health. 
  • Every individual undergoing the pranic healing technique will be in a position to better manage his or her emotions, handle stress more effectively and of course keep his or her finances as well as relationships sailing smoothly.
  • All said and done this form of gem therapy rests its foundation on the thought that each of our bodies is capable of initiating a self repair process as and when such a need arises.

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