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Find best hostels in Bangalore at Dizylocal India. Dizylocal India is a online business search engine that helps you find hostels in and around Bangalore. You can find convent hostels, boys hostels, girls hostels, mens hostels, working mens hostel, working women hostels, womens hostels, private hostels and government hostels in Bangalore at Dizylocal India. The search results displayed by Dizylocal India have reviews and ratings by genuine users listed against them. You can read these reviews to understand details about a particular hostel like its rooms, hygiene standards, culture, rules and regulations, food, laundry and other amenities before contacting and visiting it.

If you are visiting Bangalore for a short period of time and are in need for a cheaper accommodation, you can opt for a youth hostel. Youth hostels typically let you stay in a dorm for a short period of time.They offer basic amenities like tidy dorm rooms, clean toilets and washrooms, dining areas with self - service and lounge or common areas to view television or connect to the internet. You can check Dizylocal India to see whether these hostels follow International norms or not, what other people have to say about them and to get their contact and booking details. If you are student or a working professional, you can again turn to Dizylocal India for getting information on student hostels and hostels for working professional in the city of Bangalore. You can find hostels with close proximity to stations, airport, colleges, markets, restaurants and more.  

There are hostels with cheap and affordable rates. Some hostels are specifically for girls and women and have good security details for safety of women. You can find hostels that serve different types of food, those with traditional Kannada mess, or with Punjabi mess, those that are pure veg, or those that serve non-veg. Some hostels also allow students to cook meals in common kitchen areas. All these details can be deduced from reviews posted by hostel inmates on Dizylocal India.

Hostels in Bangalore

Lakshmi Pg For Women
Society Servants Of The Holy Spirit
Ananya P G
Sapthagiri Pg Home
Nanda Pg
Jain College Hostels
Bachelor Accomodation
Young Island Comforts
Young Island Comforts
Nehashree Ladies Hostel
Rao Pg Accommodatio
Fourth Pg Accomodation
Shanthiniketan Ladies Hostel
S B L Ladies Hostel
Kaveri Lodging & Hotel
Seven Hills
Surendra Pg
M K Hotel

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