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Find cheap and affordable hostels in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the capital of both Andhra Pradesh and the newly formed Telangana.  The city has a very vibrant culture and is a major commercial centre. It is home to many companies and organizations. There are IT, ITES companies and many multinationals in Hyderabad. Living in a hostel in Hyderabad is ideal for working professional and bachelors. It saves money and also provides an opportunity to make new friends of the same age group. You can find mens hostel, womens hostel, working mens hostel and working womens hostel at Dizylocal India.

Hyderabad is a metro city and Andhra Pradesh has cities and towns that do not have a vibrant work culture like Hyderabad. As a result of this, most Andhraites flock to Hyderabad for job and work opportunities. Some people come from small towns and villages and save money to send back home. Hostels are an economical option for such young men. At Dizylocal India, one can find cheap and affordable local hostels. Dizylocal India is an online business directory that lets you find hostels in all areas of Hyderabad. It has an inbuilt reviews and ratings system that helps you analyze the amenities offered by a hostel and what other hostel inmates have to say about the hostel staff, food and amenities. If you are new to the city of Hyderabad, Dizylocal India comes to your aid and help you locate hostels with basic amenities like laundry service, newspaper delivery, televisions and more.  

Many hostels serve authentic Andhra food which has a homely feel to it. Travellers to the city of Hyderabad can also rent hostel dorms for short stays. Groups of college students can rent out a dorm and enjoy cheap accommodation for their sightseeing trip. You can explore the city of Hyderabad and nearby attractions and then retire to the hostel dorm for rest. Staying in such hostels turns out to be cheaper than booking hotel rooms. Food is also cheaper and more homely in hostels.

Hostels in Hyderabad

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Vijaya Deluxe Ladies Hostel
Syril Girls Hostel
Sree Sai Bhavani Ladies Hostel
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New Godavari Mens Hostel
Jvr Velama Hostel
Care Boys Hostels
Sri Sai Harshita Boys Hostel
Rajesh Hostel
Sathya Sai Girls Hostel
Brahmin Students Hostel
Renuka Ladies Hostels
Gents Hostels
Nestle Paying Guest
Sri Sai Ram Boys Hostel
Manisha Home
Nagamaleshwari Hostel