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Find hostels in Jaipur with a few clicks at Dizylocal India. Dizylocal India is a local business directory listing which helps you locate hostels in and around Jaipur. You can look for boys hostels, mens hostels, girls hostel, working women hostels, womens hostel, students hostels, girls students hostels, private hostels, cheap hostels and travellers hostels in Jaipur on Dizylocal India. The website also displays user reviews against various hostels. You can thus judge which hostel and amenities suit your needs the best before contacting the hostels authorities for booking and stay purposes.

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and has many interesting tourist places. If you are a traveller backpacking through India, staying in a traveller hostel in Jaipur can save you tons of money. You can find travellers’ hostels with Wi-Fi enabled dorms, laundry and cleaning services, television sets, air conditioned dorms, clean and tidy bed and baths and more. You can find hostels that are close to the Jaipur railway station, airport, bus and taxi service stations, markets and tourist spots. Reviews by other travellers on Dizylocal India can help you zero-in on the best hostel for your stay in Jaipur, before you actually book it.

Jaipur being the biggest metro in Rajasthan is abuzz with coaching classes for preparation of various competitive exams and admissions tests for IAS, IPS, IFS, NDA, IIT, IIM, GMAT and GRE. Students from several towns and cities across Rajasthan head to Jaipur to enroll in these coaching classes that offer programs for six months to a year. Their focus is mainly on studies and thus it helps if they have a good caretaker for their stay. In such a scenario private hostels for students are very useful. You can find student hostels for only boys or only for girl students with the help of Dizylocal India. These hostels can be found in several areas of Jaipur and thus you can find one which is closest to your coaching class.

Hostels in Jaipur

Saroj P G & Hostel
P.g.hostel For Boys
Baba Gurukul Girls Hostel
Laxmi Girls Hostel
Noble Girls Hostel
Radha Krishna Hostal
Navkar Hostel
Saugat Girls Hostel
Pancholia Hostel
Kisan Girls Hostel
Workouts Hostel
Sat Dev Hostel
Vinayakraj Hostel
Girls Hostel Malviya Ngr
Girls Pg
Angels Home
Polo Inn
Youth Hostel
Nidhi Girls Hostel
Bag Hostel