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Search hostels Mumbai with the help of a local business search engine called Dizylocal India. You can find hostels for womenworking women and working men in Fort area, near CST, Mahim, Church gate, Bandra or Andheri. There are hostels for students, hostels for boys, YMCA hostels, hostels for girls only, and more. Dizylocal India is extremely easy to use. You can enter your requirement and Dizylocal India will throw up relevant search results. You can find contact details of the hostels and call them to shortlist as per your requirement. Your son has secured admission in Mumbai’s St Xavier’s College. You are happy but skeptical about his stay. You want a clean and tidy hostel which is especially for Jain students. You need not worry; you can find hostels for Jain students in Mumbai at Dizylocal India.

These hostels admit only Jain students and have clean and serene environment. Some of them are also located close to a Jain Temple so that your son can make his regular visits to the temple while studying. Hostels in Mumbai for Jain students serve Jain food, without onions and garlic. The cooks employed by them are also Jain so they know how to make tasty and healthy Jain food. Thus, you need not be worried about your son’s food habits or the company he keeps, away from home.If you are a CA student, looking for a quiet and peaceful hostel in Mumbai, you might want to check Dizylocal India. There are quite a few hostels in Mumbai for CA students. Some of them are located close to famous CA preparation classes as well. As these hostels have CA students, the environment is conducive to study and prepare for CA exams. Most students engage in healthy discussions about CA preparations and spend their time studying. This way, you do not face any disturbances and can concentrate fully on your preparations.

Hostels in Mumbai

Hotel Adarsh
Hotel Intercontinental The Lalit
Htl Sahar International Hotel
S L Villas
Poornima Banerjee
Hotel Shiv Shankar
Apex Estates
Your Choice Property
Anees Hostel
Rajasthan Vidyarthi Griha
P G Hostels
Telang Memorial Hostel
The Jain Education Society
Ywca Of Bombay Byculla Centre
Bright Youth Boys Hostel
Bharati Vidyapeeths Hostel
Saheli Group