Patna is the capital city for the Indian state Bihar. It is one of the biggest commercial, economical, cultural and education center for Eastern India. Total area coverage is around 1,683,200 km as Metropolis and 2,046,652 km as Metro and the overall population is around 1,803 and ranks 18th in India. Hindi is the major language spoken in Patna and English takes 2nd position. Some people represent Patna as “Pataliputra” and many others as well. Patna is the 21st fastest growing city in the world, and the fifth fastest growing city in India, and is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.72%.

Major transportation services in Patna are Road, Rail and  Air. The city holds 84.71% in the literacy level among the metropolitan cities in India .There are many public and private schools, colleges and education institutions being run. Public schools were affiliated to in Bihar State Board and were run by Patna Corporation. Bollywood is the Hindi Film industry recognized globally. Cricket is the major and popular sports in Patna. There are several cricket grounds located across the city, including the Moin-ul-Haq Stadium and Patna hosted the first ever women's Kabaddi world cup. In 2009, the World Bank stated Patna as the second best city in India to start up a business. 

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