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The Astra Eureka  products are always “Indian product” and competitive in Pharmaceutical sectors on the global scenario and has accentuated the need for adopting global best practices to sustain the competitive advantage in new markets.


The famous line always for India has been that “India has missed the bus for becoming a global manufacturing destination”.  This may not be true for the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology sectors.  Indeed, India is emerging on the global map as a major source for affordable drugs with high-quality standards.  Astra Eureka having adopted Schedule-M in practices which is mandatory by Government legislation is at great advantage to reap the benefits as the products manufactured are under WHO and Schedule M standards.


Astra Eureka has done grown more than the expectation in past and at present stage. As on today, Astra Eureka Pharmaceuticals  is doing business on PCD basis and through Franchisee network.  Also we have our own field staff in working in different states of India. Astra Eureka Pharmaceuticals  is doing marketing of Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, Liquids, and Ayurvedic medicines.  We are planning to increase new products in our offering which will be manufactured from tax-free zones so as to make affordable products and of high quality standards.


We are also recognized as a reliable suppliers & exporters of Pharmaceutical Medicines including Isobgol (Psyllium) and Veterinary Products.

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