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Search Tips

Have you find DizyLocal India help to find your business?

If yes, then you don’t need to read the below points. We would like to hear your feedback about DizyLocal.com.
If no. If you do not find the right business or end up with empty result, then please go through the below points.

Why do you really want to search at DizyLocal India?

We are one among the India’s local search engine to help visitors to find their business. Also we help business people to promote their business with their fully featured business profile with content, images, videos and so many.

Fully featured business profile: DizyLocal India provides every business owners to submit business for free with fully featured profile. All the business profile will contain business contact details, local maps, trading hours, accepted payments types, images, videos and other specialities.

Proximity search: With our proximity search, if your search does not provide any result then we suggest relevant business in the nearby location (say about business within 25 km). So whatever may be the search input, you will not end-up with empty result page.

Search with auto fill: We help to choose the right category or business name or location by entering few characters in the search box.

Updated business profile: All the business profiles are managed by the business owner and updated on a regular basis. This help to keep DizyLocal.in with updated data to help all the visitors to be benefited from a single point.

Reviews and ratings: This will help visitors to choose the right business for the requirement i.e. business with highest review or rating will be attracted by visitors and make them to contact the business.

Universal search: Our search module will accept data such as business name, description, tags, postcode, area/location, city. So there is no need to go for an advanced search module as like other local search engines have.

Tags for extended search: We accept business tags, which will help to enhance the business profile to search as per the visitors choice.

Rich snippets: We used some advanced module to show up the business profile page with a different look (different snippet) in search engines from normal search search snippet. So this will attract search engine users to reach our website.

Feedback from users: We accept feedback from users and based on the received feedback we update the system to regularly to attract user satisfaction.

Start searching now and hope you will enjoy using DizyLocal India!

Improve Your Business Profile

You have got lot of opportunities to improve your business profile and attract customers. Here are few tips which you can follow and follow the same,

1. Add short description
2. Add long description (Be found in search results)
3. Logo (To Increase brand value)
4. Tags (Other business names, categories, products)
5. Operating hours (Your trading hours of operation)
6. Payments accepted
7. Creatives (Products, Office locations, Team members and Directors)

Search Tips and Tricks

To get the best result for you search query, we include auto suggest option and this will be shown when you enter a few characters in the search fields. This will help to get you desired business or businesses matched for service type or product at your nearest location. DizyLocal.in will suggest for the below inputs given,

For the field 1,

1. Enter the business name
2. Category
3. Service type/name
4. Product type/name
and for the field 2, DizyLocal.in will suggest,

1. City
2. Area/Location

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