Srinagar is the capital city for the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the biggest commercial, economical, cultural and education center for North India. Total area coverage is around 294 km as Metropolis and the overall population is around 1,273,312. Urdu is the major language spoken in Srinagar. This city is also known as “Venice of the East” and “Kashmiri Venice”. Here climate is much cooler than rest of India. Highest temperature marked here is 27.1 °C in summer and in winter 2.5 °C. This may even goes down to negative and living becomes uncomfortable during winter.

Major transportation services in Srinagar are Road, Rail, Air, Cable Car and Boat. The city holds 77.45% literacy level and among the metropolitan cities in India with 74.04%. There so many public and private schools, colleges and education institutions being run. There many public and private schools are in Srinagar and were run by Srinagar Corporation and Jammu and Kashmir State Board Education. Cricket is the major and popular sports in Srinagar. City holds Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium, where international cricket matches are played and first match was between West Indies and India in the year 1983.

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